In divorce and child custody, many gender stereotypes work against dads, but they look more conspicuous in child custody issues. Divorce can impact everything in your life, and child custody is a heated issue that causes disagreements. In most child custody cases, fathers are consigned to secondary parent role.

If you are a father facing divorce and child custody issues, then be prepared to face what happens ahead. Here are some tips to help you win a child custody battle.

1. Get in Touch with a Divorce/Child Custody Attorney

Some lawyers focus on father’s rights in case of divorce. The lawyer must be able to understand the challenges that every father faces during child custody and divorce. Fortunately, there are lawyers like Alice Pare, who focus on the protection of father rights and are available every time to clarify the doubts.

2. Pay Attention to Details

Every detail is essential while asking for sole or joint custody of your child. It would be best if you showed that you could invest time and money in your child’s future. Keep a record of details like the name of your kid’s friends, the school schedule, and many more. The judge can also assess the situation and decide on the custody.

3. Do not Confide in your Child

Many fathers are always desperate to talk about divorce and child custody matters in front of others. Potentially trashing or talking about your ex in front of kids can lead to parental alienation and can damage the child custody case. If the judge finds that you are trying to turn the child against the mother, then a question arises whether you have an interest in the children’s welfare or not.

It is always advised to talk only to a trusted family member or friend or a trusted family divorce lawyer. When going through the divorce process, do not bottle up all the things, and always keep kids out of these situations.

4. Stay Civil

After breaking your marriage, it is arduous to control hard feelings towards your ex. You might not be interested to see your ex again, but it is not possible because you have to work together for your children. Although you are not husband and wife, you are co-parents, and you should communicate with each other for your kid’s well-being.

Review and implement some of the best co-parenting practices. Of course, you cannot expect co-operation from your ex, and it is out of your control. Try to be the best co-parent for your children.

5. Keep Notes

It is a good idea to keep a record of all the important dates, names, and places regarding your kids. Start keeping a journal to note all these and also detail the negative behavior of your ex, that could help you in case. These details can make your child custody case easier.

6. Understand the Custody Laws of the State

The child custody laws can vary from state to state, so the first thing to do is to familiarize yourself with all the child custody laws of your state. Pay attention to everything related to the laws and also clarify all doubts with your divorce attorney before attending the court.

7. Follow Proper Court Etiquette

Follow all the court protocols and behave properly to gain in the child custody cases. Be confident and talk with a divorce attorney before the court proceedings and get clarification about what to talk about in the court. If possible, do a roleplay with your attorney to understand the expectations in the court.

Dress properly, preferably formals, to make a positive impression. A good dressing style conveys that you are well put together and a grown-up adult with responsibilities.

8. Avoid Social Media

When you are in the middle of a child custody case, you should shut down your social media for some days. It is not good for you to post details regarding the case on social media. The opposing party might take advantage of creating a wrong impression of you in front of the court. For example, if you have posted a picture of you and your friends having a party, then your opposing party might create that you are partying much and are not a responsible parent. So a temporary shut down of Social media is recommended.


For fathers, the custody case is crucial. Gender bias is common in every court, and you should be ready to face the situations. You need to contact a divorce attorney who can help you to gain in child custody cases. Are you a dad looking for an experienced child custody attorney for fathers in and around Germantown, Maryland? Then schedule a free consultation with Alice Pare today.