For any person, even in his best times, divorce is very complicated. There are rules for applying for a divorce, but in the present pandemic situation, the rules might change. So what can you do for divorce during a stay-at-home order? Can you proceed with the divorce process, or you need to wait, we answered your questions below.

Maryland Courts are Open and Processing Family Law Matters

Administrative offices of the Courts are open and are processing divorce-related complaints and other complaints also. The Courts are issuing summons, but the hearings are not taking place and scheduled until the courts reopen to the public.

The courts will be on a busy schedule once they are reopened, hence if you are planning to file for a divorce, then it is the time that you act fast and get your spot on the court’s calendar. If you take the time to file your case, then you can be put at the end of the line.

What can You Accomplish During the Stay-at-home Order?

When a person files for a divorce, then there is a lot of waiting, which causes frustration. Waiting for your turn, waiting for another party to respond, and finally waiting for a date when all are available. In a divorce matter, the cases can be extended up to one year. Now the courts are temporarily closed due to the COVID pandemic, so now it is time that you act fast, and there is a lot that can be accomplished from home.

In the present situation, all attorneys are working remotely, and the consultations are done through phone or skype. Even if the whole country is closed, law offices are not closed, and you can file for divorce, working out a prenuptial agreement, separation agreements, or custody arrangements. While the payments are made electronically, you can accomplish everything from the house.

After the courts reopen, all the hearings rescheduled due stay-at-home orders; all the calenders of attorneys and courts will be jammed. So it is advised to start early and make your time and case scheduled in the court.

What if Divorce Hearing Was in Process?

If the initial hearings of the case are completed, then the closure of courts can affect your litigation. It does not mean that case does not proceed, and it might move a little slow for the time being. Most of the courts are not holding hearings, but some are proceeding with remote hearings for the present time. After lockdown, courts have many cases with backlogs for all judges. So it is better to file for a divorce during stay at home order and let the process start rather than waiting.


In this pandemic situation, you might think to wait until the situation gets in control. Meanwhile, you could talk to a men’s divorce attorney to get an initial consultation. If your divorce process has already started, then speak to our experienced divorce attorney for men Alice pare at 301-962-2492 to get the best legal advice.