While sending or receiving child support payments, it is the receiver, and the sender’s responsibility to check the payments are received. It is better that instead of making direct payments to the payee, the payer pays to the state, and the payee receives the amount from the state. Making payments through the state makes it easier to manage child payments and also eliminates interaction between the ex-spouses.

Who Is Eligible For Child Support Services In Maryland?

Any person who is the custodian of a minor child is eligible for child support services. The persons include parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or court-appointed guardians. Establishing paternity for their child, establishing a court order for child support and/or medical support, or collecting current dues are the various services available.

How To Apply For Child Support Services?

For availing child support services, you need to complete an application with your local child support enforcement office with a fee of $ 25. to have the application mailed to your address. You need to contact the office over the telephone. In addition to the application fee, you are charged an annual fee of $25. you must pay a yearly fee of $25 if you receive $3500 for 12 months. If the payment is below $3500, then you need not pay the annual fee.

Online Services Offered By State

It is easy for you to track your child support payments by logging into a secure website provided by the government. Even though the services vary by state, the process of paying or receiving child support payments is easier.

  • Many sites offer to see the latest and previous payments made by you.
  • Payments can be made through debit or credit cards by non-custodial parents.
  • Option to make the payments much easier by storing your card number and confirm before making the payment
  • Tracking the payments every month to ensure that you are not overpaying
  • The parent receiving the payment receives messages when the amount credits into the account.
  • Email notification for the non-custodial parent when the other party receives the payment.

Managing The Child Support Payments

It is easy for anyone to maintain child support payments when they are using eServices. Online payments help to minimize payment conflicts and also reduce stress. Just login to your child support services accounts to make the payments and remain safe.


Child support payments must be made through the specified online systems mentioned by the courts. You need to take the help of State Child Support Services to make the payments much easier. Alice Pare is an experienced divorce attorney in Germantown, Maryland, who can clarify all your questions about child support. Contact us at 301-962-2492 for a FREE initial consultation.