Domestic violence can also be defined as aggression committed by a partner on his family member. Signs of violence include criticizing for every small thing, abuse, a force for an intimate relationship, outburst of anger, and monitoring the spouses at all times. Control of medications used, destruction of property, and threatening also some under domestic violence.

Male victims generally feel ashamed of sharing or expressing the violence done against them. Most of the men think that they can handle the issues, and in most cases, no one is ready to listen to them. Domestic violence makes the lives of the victims miserable and leads to emotional problems. Domestic violence brings misery, anxiety, fear, shame, physical and emotional pain, and financial burdens due to missed work, medical bills, and psychological treatment. An experienced Domestic violence attorney can help you to avoid the consequences that you might face.

Common Psychological Effects of Domestic Violence On Men

Victims of domestic violence sustain not only physical injuries but also psychological injuries. Men are likely to experience more physical and mental health problems than women. Considering the overall relationship permutations, it can be said that men undergo long-term health and emotional issues.

  • Nightmares and uncontrollable thoughts
  • Depression and prolonged sadness
  • Anxiety and low self-esteem
  • Thought of suicide
  • Addiction to Alcohol and drugs

Health Consequences of Domestic Violence

Most people think that domestic violence victims only sustain physical injuries, but there are also long term health problems like cardiovascular, neurological, and mood disorders. In addition to health problems, men also face depression due to domestic violence. Short term injuries like bruising and broken bones are the other minor consequences faced by men.


It is a general misconception that only women are victims of violence, but men are victims too. If you are male and a victim of Domestic violence, you need to contact a professional attorney to fight for your rights. Call us at 310-515-1190 for a free initial consultation.