In the present generation, women are becoming economically independent and are becoming the prominent bread earners of the family. Even with the changing economic situation, men still today are afraid to ask for alimony, after getting divorced. According to the recent records, out of all the alimony recipients in the US, only 3% of them are men. The results are shocking, while women are constituting half of the workforce and earning more than their husbands.

Many factors are responsible for men not asking for alimony, and the prominent reason is that they are embarrassed to ask for it, even if their spouse is the primary earner.

Purpose of Alimony

As it is often perceived, alimony is not just a sort of revenge that you can have on your ex. The primary purpose of alimony is to correct the economic imbalances that might occur due to the personal and career sacrifices made for each other in marriage and then decided to get divorced. One of the spouses might have sacrificed the career to raise the kids. After divorce, they should again start their career and journey in the corporate job world.

During the divorce, you should focus on doing whatever you can to gain financial stability and security that you deserve. During history, women have always been the ones to receive alimony, and this does not mean that men are not eligible for alimony and support. Men should not feel that they are degraded by asking for financial assistance in the court. More women are now paying alimony and child support.

Factors Considered to Award Alimony for Men

  • Earning Potential: The income potential of careers over the long term
  • Contributions Made During Marriage: Aspects where one spouse is responsible for the other to quit a job and stay at home to raise the children.
  • Length of Marriage: Longer marriages have the most likely chances that high or even permanent alimonies are allocated.
  • The fault of Spouse: Some states can assign blame for ruining the marriage under conditions such as adultery or abuse.

Overcoming the Gender Bias

In this gender-biased society, it is often considered that men should not ask for alimony. This is one of the main factors that affect men and fathers who file for divorce. Even most of the judges still follow this bias and subconsciously allot maintenance to mothers. Equality should go both ways, and men should have the same right to demand alimony. Although gender is not to be taken into consideration, it is challenging to change preconceptions.


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