It is commonly believed that women are more emotional than men, and divorce is harder on them. But most studies conclude that men are equally or more sensitive than women, and getting separated is even harder for men. Husbands are persons who lose in terms of money, health, and happiness.

Reasons to say that Divorce is Harder for Men than Women

1. Skipping the Grieving Process

For men, divorce is most stressful, and grief is a natural feeling when you realize that you are losing a partner for a long time after marriage dissolution. Men skip the grieving process, and they feel that all their plans are derailed, goals, and hopes are changed. On the other hand, women take time to grieve, which makes them emotionally strong to move on. Men suppress their emotions by not sharing them with others. At the same time, women seek professional and family help to share their feelings.

2. Drastic Decline in Men’s Health

Men experience common health problems like weight fluctuations, depression, anxiety, and insomnia during and after divorce. Men also have to handle additional stress like financial issues and identity loss. The added stress makes men self-medicate with alcohol and drugs. After getting married, women take the initiative and see that men maintain a healthy diet. This makes men more dependent on women. Most men like to talk to their wives when they are depressed, but women take the help of family and professionals during hard times. Men usually do not consider emotional support other than their spouse.

3. Men Lose Identity

Marriage is a status where you are identified as a husband or wife rather than your self-identification. Husbands feel that they are lonely during or after divorce, but women keep themselves busy in the social activities that they have started during or after the marriage. Women tend to be active in social connections, while on the other hand, men don’t get themselves involved in any new activities after marriage dissolution.

4. Men Rush into New Relationships

Since men do not like to be alone, they push themselves into new relationships and suppress all the feelings and emotions of the old marriage. The suppression of feelings can lead to further problems in the future.

On the other hand, women take time to grieve and examine their emotions. Unlike men, women do not rush into a relationship; instead, it takes time to make future stronger. Women always feel that they are back in the previous period with all uncertainties in relationships. After divorce, women are unlikely to remarry, but men make quick decisions about finding a new partner. Men do not fear to get into other relationships. In contrast, women fear inviting new partners into their life due to the unsuccessful bond in the past.

5. Men Miss their Children

In most of the divorce cases, women get the custody rights of the children, making men have only visitation rights. When men are given a schedule to meet their children, then men feel that they are not a part of children’s lives as they miss the baseball games and other activities of the children. Women, on the other hand, are a significant part of their kids and do not feel lonely as they are interacting with kids daily.

6. Divorce is Hard for Everyone

Breakups are hard for both men and women, but most women can cope up with their feeling when compared to that of men. Women have much support in society, groups, family, and friends to talk with and receive comfort and encouragement to get out of the depression and bad situations. Men are unlikely to take any support, and there is a drastic change in the health conditions due to the emotional and psychological breakdown.

Men are likely to get more depressed than women after divorce, so it is advised that women give a break for their ex-husband for the sake of kids. Kids might still be interested in spending time with the father.


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