Regardless of gender, ending a relationship is not easy, even if it is abusive. The separation becomes even harder when you are isolated, far from friends, relatives, beaten up regularly, emotionally harassed, manipulated, and controlled. So when a relationship turns into domestic violence, why do men stay? In fact, for men and women, there are similar reasons for not leaving an abusive relationship.

Why Are Abusive Relationships Hard to Leave?

1. Fear

Fear of being alone, losing children, or being hurt in the process of leaving could be the main reason for men to continue in the abusive relationship. Men also cannot live alone, and they love to go outside on weekends with their children. Men also get hurt or killed when they try to leave an abusive relationship.

2. Children

Men are emotionally attached to their children and cannot live without them. They fear that they cannot see their children if they ended the relationship. In many divorce cases, the word ” I will never let them see you again” is used often. Women also use children as pawns to control men who try to leave an abusive relationship.

3. Reform Promises

Men often have the weakness to believe false promises of the ability of the partner to reform. Without any help, any person cannot change, and it also hard for anyone to change themselves.

4. Lack of Self-esteem

Lack of self-esteem and the belief of not deserving anything is nothing better than paralyzing a man. Men of all types, religions, and areas have a lack of self-esteem and make them believe that there are born to be abused and tortured by their partner.

5. Love

Love is an emotion that cannot be ended or simply disappear. Most men continue in abusive relationships due to love and affection that they have towards a partner. Most important is that men do not know how to end abuse safely.

6. Guilt

Men believe that his partner is sick and needs help. Men always think that they should save their abusive mates and hope for a change. Thus, the idea of leaving a spouse can induce feelings of guilt.

7. Cultural and Religious Reasons

For most men, traditional culture or religion often influences them to stay rather than end the relationship. There is also for fear of disgracing their family after ending a relationship.

8. Lack of Money Resources

Financially dependent men, generally fear of leaving the abusive relationship. Without access to financial resources seems impossible for them to leave the relationship. This feeling of helplessness can be especially strong if the person lives with their abusive partner.


Summing up, men too have reasons for not leaving an abusive relationship. Domestic violence has no barriers and has a negative effect on children also. If you are a man facing domestic violence or abuse, then you need to consult a professional men’s attorney for protection or help. Call Alice Pare, a compassionate lawyer in Germantown, Maryland, for a FREE consultation.