Does Shared Parenting Help or Hurt Children?

One frustrating and time-consuming issue in contested divorce cases is child custody. Divorcing parents must determine how to divide child custody, but most won’t agree at the first instance. The new custody arrangements are a significant life changer, and it’s vital that the decision accounts for the children’s best interests.

Mothers tend to be selfish in the child custody intentions, often fighting to be the sole custodians of the children. Courts in Maryland don’t make the situation any better, as they usually award full custody to mothers. Nonetheless, men’s rights lawyers in Montgomery County fight aggressively to help fathers get shared physical and legal custody of their children.

That’s because joint custody arrangements are highly beneficial for fathers and children for the following reasons:

Less Behavioral and Emotional Problems for the Children

Experienced Montgomery County father’s child custody attorneys argue that joint custody preserves connections between children and their fathers. The arrangement can reduce the traumatic effects of the divorce on the children. It is the most natural arrangement after divorce because it resembles the initial intact family as closely as possible, allowing the father to continue being a present parent.

Children in such arrangements tend to be more stable emotionally and behaviorally. They also exhibit higher self-esteem, improved school performance, and better family relations than those in sole custody arrangements. That is attributed to the ongoing contact the children have with both parents.

Helps Fathers Cultivate a Meaningful Relationship with Their Children

Shared custody is also a symbolic statement that encourages the continued involvement of the father, who, in most cases, is the non-custodial parent. It can help couples avoid relegating the “visitor” status to the father in the lives of the children.

The father’s improved self-image as an essential part of the children’s lives is likely to be for the ultimate benefit of the kids. If you’re a father fighting for shared custody of your children, don’t do it alone. Skilled father’s child custody lawyers in Montgomery County can help you protect your rights and interests.

Reduces Child Support Problems

When fathers are the non-custodial parents and sole custody is given to the ex-spouses after a divorce is settled, they tend to withdraw. The behavior, although unintended, may result in corresponding failure to pay child support. Many father’s child custody lawyers in Montgomery County believe that shared custody can effectively increase financial support for the children.

Reduces the Time It Takes to Determine Custody

Courts often determine custody based on various factors that all narrow down to the children’s best interests. No single factor is more important than the other, and they include the following:

  • The primary caregiver
  • The psychological and physical capabilities of both parents
  • The parents’ character and reputation
  • If any custody arrangement is in place
  • The ability of both parents to maintain positive and healthy relationships with the children
  • The preference of the children
  • Residences of both parents
  • The length of each parent’s separation from the children?

All these factors can take time to evaluate, increasing the time it takes to issue a custody order. The process is also complex, and the outcome is uncertain. Fathers are often on the receiving end of biased court decisions in custody determinations. They can have a level playing ground if both parents agree on shared custody, giving them more certainty about being in their children’s lives.

When is Shared Custody Not a Good Arrangement?

Despite the many benefits of shared custody, there are times when there are better options than shared custody. If you and your ex-spouse haven’t worked on a consistent custody schedule, it would be best for one parent to have sole custody. Children often find it difficult to move back and forth and begin acting in protest when being bounced randomly between parents.

If you have lingering issues and communication is problematic between you and your ex-spouse, sharing physical custody of the children may raise stress levels. Shared custody works best if parents can communicate effectively with each other.

Given the issues surrounding your divorce, consult Montgomery County men’s rights lawyers if you believe sole custody would be the best arrangement for you and your children. They can help you fight to protect your children’s rights.

What if My Ex-Spouse Violates a Shared Custody Order?

If your ex-spouse violates a shared custody order, you may feel like your rights and relationship with your children are being jeopardized, leaving you angry and frustrated. The good thing is that you have legal options. Skilled father’s child custody lawyers in Montgomery County can help you explore them to assert your rights to a fulfilling relationship with your children.

The attorneys can help advocate for your rights by:

  • Explaining your legal father’s rights based on the circumstances of the violation by the other parent
  • Collecting supportive evidence to support your violation claim
  • Filing a motion of content and advocating on your behalf at trial in a lawsuit
  • Pursuing a child custody modification to the existing custody arrangement and ensuring the other parent complies with the agreement

An Experienced Father’s Right Attorney Helping You Fight for Shared Custody

If you’re going through a contested divorce, you’re probably facing a hard time with the issue of custody. Shared custody would be the most favorable outcome since it allows you to continue cultivating a healthy relationship with your children, but your ex-spouse may want to hear none of it. Aggressive Montgomery County father’s child custody attorneys can help you.

Pare & Associates, LLC, is a firm that hosts experienced father’s rights lawyers in Montgomery County. We believe that fathers should not be marginalized in their children’s lives. You have equal rights to your children as your ex-spouse, and we can fight for what’s best for you and them. Call us at (301) 962-2492 to schedule a free case strategy session.